TOP 10 Images Captured in 2016 On Safari

At the start of every year I always look back at the previous one and try to pick my Top 10 . . . sightings, memories, images . . . or a mix of all three because that is what it really is. It's not just about how good the image is but m ore about the excitement of the moment, the guests I shared it with and the sighting itself. This selection is about that and in no particular order. Hope you like them

THE PERFECT STORM - Everything came together in this very dramatic sunset in Mara North. The sun battled to get through a heavy rain storm on the plains and gave us this amazing opportunity.

MUSIARA ELEPHANTS - A breeding herd of Elephants grazing in the Musiara Marsh in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya in fabulous golden light. I really liked the composition available here with the 2 elephants in the distance giving depth of field and helping to tell the story.

MASEK BROTHERS - Five Lion cubs gather on a tree for a family portrait. These cubs are part of the Masek Pride that controls the Masek Lake area in Ndutu. This was one of those unforgettable moments . . . We spent over 3 hours with this pride and captured hundreds of images. This is the one that made it for me as all five cubs made eye contact making this a special portrait.

EYES OF A KING - Nothing beats the intense look of a male lion with his eyes focused on your camera at close range. This is a full frame image captured with a 300mm lens. It was taken in Kruger National Park.

GIANT SERENITY - A female Elephant approaches a stream in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Several images were taken and blended in photoshop to get the dynamic range visible in this frame. This is definitely one of those "Perfect Moments"

AFRICAN DREAM - Does it get more iconic than this ? I don't think so . . . This is what happens when you set up for the perfect silhouette of an iconic acacia tree and a giraffe photo bombs the moment.

MAIN CROSSING POINT - This is the main crossing point in Maasai Mara. To witness this natural spectacle is always on the top of anyones list.

LAND OF THE LARK - These are the images you get when paying attention to the smaller things on the plains of the Mara North Conservancy. This was captured on a morning session that was entirely dedicated to birds in the great company of an authentic bird lover.

SPOTS IN A TREE - It might seem like "just a leopard up in a tree" but when this is spotted within the first 30 minutes of the first game drive of a 7 day safari it becomes something very special.

SPOTTED CUTENESS - This has to be included for cuteness overload and because we saw them almost every day, drove with them, watched them feed and even saw her mother kill a gazelle . . . Memorable !

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